Cashout Policy

Gratorama makes every effort to ensure that your cash-out request is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

- Cash-out requests must be made via the cash-out section at the Cashier or by clicking the "cash-out" button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

- You cannot cash out any winnings before making at least one deposit.

- You cannot cash out before you have met the minimum bonus wagering requirements.

- There are no fees charged for any of our cash-out services; however, your bank or payment processor may levy a fee to process your cash-out.

- The minimum cash-out for credit cards and debit cards is €/$/£ 10 (100 kr) and the minimum wire transfer cash-out is €/$/£ 50 (500 kr).

The minimum cashout for South Africa is  100 €/$/£

- Any cash-outs greater than €/$/£ 200 (2000 kr) require verification procedures: proof of identity, age and place of residency. However, we reserve the right to require verification for any cash-out amount.

No bonuses and prizes will be issued or allowed once a cash-out request is in pending status. This will remain so until that cash-out has been either approved or cancelled. The term doesn’t apply for promotional bonuses.

Any winnings will be paid out in a 30 days period until completion. Gratorama reserves the right to pay out all winnings at a rate dependent on the VIP level reached. See table below.

Entry 3,000 15,000 15,000 60,000 3.000.000 60,000 300,000 120,000 30,000
Bronze 5,000 25,000 25,000 100,000 5.000.000 100,000 500,000 200,000 50,000
Silver 7,000 35,000 35,000 140,000 7.000.000 140,000 700,000 280,000 70,000
Gold 10,000 50,000 50,000 200,000 1.000.0000 200,000 1,000,000 400,000 100,000
Platinum 15,000 75,000 75,000 300,000 15.000.000 300,000 1,500,000 600,000 150,000
Diamond 15,000 75,000 75,000 300,000 15.000.000 300,000 1,500,000 600,000 150,000

- All players can withdraw up to three thousand Euro (€3,000) per month. VIP players can withdraw higher sums per month depending on their VIP level. Bronze players up to five thousand (€5000) per month, Silver players up to seven thousand Euro (€7,000) per month, Gold players can withdraw up to ten thousand Euro (€10,000) per month and Platinum and up can withdraw up to fifteen thousand (€15,000) per month. Any winnings will be paid out at the same monthly rate until completion.

- In order to cancel a cash-out request, click on the ‘cash-out’ button located at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. You will see your cash-out request if it is still pending approval. Click on ‘Cancel cash-out’ to return your funds to your account balance.

- Your cash-out history can be viewed within the "Transaction History" - accessible from the Cashier section of your main menu. Here you will find a complete list of all your cash-out requests - both those that have been processed, as well as those you have cancelled. For assistance with cash-outs or any other matter, please contact us.

Cash Out Time Frame

- Cash-out requests are processed within 2 business days (Monday to Friday) from the date of request (requests from VIP Club Members are processed according to the different VIP levels).

- During the processing time you can cancel your cash-out request from within the Cashier, and return it to your account balance.

- After 2 business days the status of your cash-out request will change to its final status (Either "Approved" or "Failed") and you will no longer be able to cancel the request.

- You will be notified by email once processing has been completed and the funds have been transferred.

- It may take additional time for your credit card or payment method provider to post your cash-out funds to your account. Please note that some third party delays may happen in rare cases and are beyond our control.

For more instructions please do not hesitate to contact support via Chat at the lobby or contact us.