Easter Hunt Promotion Terms & Conditions

"Easter Hunt" promotion Terms & Conditions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in Gratorama’s User Agreement and related policies available at Gratorama

The users of Gratorama are here in after offered a chance to win prizes as part of occasional tournaments, raffles, promotions or special offers for meeting/completing a required achievement, set by Gratorama and subjected solely to its auditing and supervision.

1. Eligibility for Participation in the "Easter Hunt" promotion

1.1. Gratorama users who wish to participate in the "Easter Hunt" promotion must comply with Gratorama’s User Agreement and related Policies and within this "Easter Hunt" promotion Terms & Conditions.

1.2. All players’ details provided during the registration process must be accurate and up to date prior to any bets and/or wins placed and/or accumulated by the player.

1.3. If a player did not enter the real and accurate personal information at the time of registration she/he is not be eligible to participate in the "Easter Hunt" promotion.

1.4. In order to participate in Gratorama’s "Easter Hunt" promotion, the player must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides by law (if above the age of 18 years old) and be registered as a “Real Money” player with Gratorama.

1.5. Gratorama’s officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and/or members of their households are not eligible to participate in the "Easter Hunt" promotion.

2. "Easter Hunt" promotion Procedure

2.1. For the duration of the "Easter Hunt" promotion, players will be able to play one (1) mini game for every amount (as set below) wagered during the promotion timeframe (as set in paragraph 2.6):

Wagering requirements
Vip level Eur/gbp/usd Sek/nok
New 75 750
Bronze 200 2000
Silver and gold 300 3000
Platinum and diamond 400 4000

2.2. A prize will be awarded for each scratch card played containing 3 identical symbols. The prize for each scratch card will either be a collectible icon (“icon”) or bonus money.

2.3. If the outcome of any particular "Easter Hunt" promotion scratch card shows a prize of bonus money, the player’s account will immediately be credited with the entire amount of said prize.

2.4. When a player accumulates eight (8) of the same icons, she/he will win the cash prize associated with that icon.

2.5. A player that will register as a “Real Money” player with Gratorama during the promotion timeframe (as set in paragraph 2.6) will automatically win an "Easter Hunt" promotion scratch card when taking the 5 / 7 free bonus (all wagering requirements apply).

2.6. The timeframe of the Easter Hunt promotion is April 8th, 2020, 12:00 UTC until April 29th, 2020, 12:00 UTC.

3. "Easter Hunt" promotion Rules & Conditions

3.1. Every time a player fulfills the wagering requirement (as set in paragraph 2.1), during the "Easter Hunt" promotion timeframe (as set in paragraph 2.6), she/he will receive an opportunity to play a scratch card.

3.2. While logged in, players will see a progress bar on the screen. With every wager made, the progress bar will progress until players have accumulated enough wagers to be awarded an "Easter Hunt" promotion scratch card.

3.3. A player will reach the end of the progress bar when she/he accumulates the wagering requirement (as set in paragraph 2.1).

3.4. Once a player receives an "Easter Hunt" scratch card, her/his progress bar will be reset to zero (0), and the player will have to accumulate additional amount of the wagering requirement (as set in paragraph 2.1) before being awarded another an "Easter Hunt" scratch card.

3.5. All "Easter Hunt" scratch cards awarded to a player must be played immediately and cannot be accumulated to be played at a later time and/or date.

3.6. If the player does not play (e.g. closes the browser) the system will play the scratch card automatically for him.

3.7. Every "Easter Hunt" promotion scratch card has a prize that will be won.

3.8. A cash prize can be won each time a player accumulates eight (8) collectible icons of the same kind.

3.9. Some icons are available as of a certain VIP level.

3.10. The below table shows the cash prize that can be won each time a player accumulates eight (8) collectible icons of the same kind and the icons based on the player’s level:


4. Conditions for Receiving a Prize


4.1. The "Easter Hunt" promotion scratch card are non-transferable, non-assignable, and are designated for the player’s personal and individual use only.

4.2. All participating players must actively verify that the details in their Gratorama’s account are correct and send Gratorama all relevant documents for us to verify them according to our User Agreement and related policies, prior to playing any scratch card. Failing to do so will void players’ eligibility to receive any prizes.

4.3. We believe that your good fortune is your business. We keep all our members' winnings and prizes strictly confidential and private. Notwithstanding, we may publicize certain details regarding winnings for promotional purposes, including the prize, the game name, winner first name and first letter of his last name, winner country and city. In addition, Gratorama users who win a prize may be requested to provide her/his consent to be photographed, and in such event, we may use and publicize his photograph for promotional purposes.


5. Amendments and/or Termination of the "Easter Hunt" promotion


5.1. Gratorama reserves the right to amend or terminate the "Easter Hunt" promotion at its sole and exclusive discretion. In the event of such an action, all "Easter Hunt" promotion icons and bonuses obtained by any and all players may automatically be rendered invalid.

5.2. Should Gratorama decide, at its sole and exclusive discretion that a Gratorama user has failed to comply with any of the "Easter Hunt" promotion terms and conditions and/or Gratorama’s user agreement and related policies, Gratorama reserves the right to terminate said user’s participation in the "Easter Hunt" promotion. In the case of such an event, any of the "Easter Hunt" promotion icons and bonuses collected by said user shall be deemed void and rendered invalid.


This "Easter Hunt" promotion Terms & Conditions have been drafted in English. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this promotion Terms & Conditions and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.


Issued on 11th day of March, 2020

Valid throughout the promotion timeframe (as set in paragraph 2.6).