The Valentine's Tournament - Terms & Conditions

Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Gratorama User Agreement and all related Policies available at Gratorama.

The users of Gratorama are hereinafter offered a chance to win prizes as part of occasional tournaments, promotions or special offers for meeting/completing a required achievement, set by Gratorama and which are subjected solely to its auditing and supervision.

1. Eligibility for Participation the Valentine's Tournament

1.1. Gratorama users who wish to participate in the Valentine's Tournament must comply with Gratorama's User Agreement and related Policies and with the said set of rules ("Valentine's Tournament Rules").

1.2. All details provided during the registration process must be accurate, true, completed and up to date.

1.3. In order to participate in Gratorama’s Valentine's Tournament, the player must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides by law (if above 18 years of age).

1.4. Must be registered for “Real Money” play with Gratorama and have at least 1 (one) successful deposit in his/her history.

1.5. Prizes offered by Gratorama’s are intended for genuine recreational players only. You must enter true and valid information when you sign up. Changes after winnings will not be accepted and winning will be voided. Gratorama’s reserves the right to investigate, cancel, suspend or lock any account if abuse is suspected.

1.6. Gratorama’s officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates and/or members of their households are not eligible to participate in the Valentine's Tournament.

2. Valentine's Tournament Procedure:

2.1. The timeframe of the  Valentine's Tournament promotion is February 12th, 2020, 12:00pm UTC until February 19th, 2020, 23:59 UTC.

2.2. The Valentine's Tournament will take place separately for each VIP level (Non-VIP or Bronze & Silver or Gold & Platinum or Diamond) as set in the User Agreement and related Policies.

2.3. If during the Valentine's Tournament timeframe a player will be upgraded from one VIP level to another one he/she will remain competing within the VIP level that he/she started the Valentine's Tournament.

2.4. During the Valentine's Tournament players in each level are measured by “Points” reflecting their accumulated wagering  in the Tournament time frame (as set in paragraph 2.1). Players who play Heavenly Love & Lucky Cupid game during the Valentine's Tournament promotion will have their wagering count as 150%, (as opposed to the normal 100% wagering per game). At the end of the Valentine's Tournament the 25 leading players from each level, in all the brands participating in the promotion, who accumulated the most “Points”, will receive prizes from a total worth of 41,225€ (as set in the table in paragraph 2.10). 

2.5. The accumulated “points” gained by the player will be calculated as the square root of the player’s total wagers during the Tournament time frame (as set in paragraph 2.1).

2.6. Any player that meets the eligibility requirements will accumulate “Points” with which s/he can move up in the Valentine's Tournament ranking.

2.7. Participating players have their wagering amount and “Points” measured only within the tournament time frame (As set in paragraph 2.1).

2.8. As you keep playing for real, you simply accumulate more and more “Points”. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn.

2.9.  At the end of the Valentine's Tournament, the top 25 players in each level, who wagered and gained the most “Points” during the tournament time frame (as set in paragraph 2.1), will be awarded with the following prizes, based on their rank:

Non-VIP Bronze & Silver Gold & Platinum Diamond Total
1 €1,500 €2,000 €2,500 €4,000 €10,000
2 €1,000 €1,500 €1,750 €3,000 €7,250
3 €750 €1,000 €1,250 €2,000 €5,000
4 €500 €800 €1,000 €1,500 €3,800
5 €400 €600 €800 €1,000 €2,800
6 €300 €400 €600 €800 €2,100
7 €200 €250 €400 €600 €1,450
8 €180 €200 €300 €500 €1,180
9 €160 €190 €250 €400 €1,000
10 €150 €180 €200 €300 €830
11 €140 €160 €180 €250 €730
12 €130 €150 €160 €200 €640
13 €120 €140 €150 €180 €590
14 €110 €130 €140 €160 €540
15 €100 €120 €130 €150 €500
16 €90 €110 €120 €140 €460
17 €80 €100 €110 €130 €420
18 €70 €90 €100 €120 €380
19 €60 €80 €90 €110 €340
20 €50 €70 €80 €100 €300
21 €40 €60 €70 €90 €260
22 €30 €50 €60 €80 €220
23 €20 €40 €50 €70 €180
24 €15 €30 €40 €60 €145
25 €10 €20 €30 €50 €110
Total €6,205 €8,470 €10,560 €15,990 €41,225

2.11. The player can check on-line his/her specific information, which will contain total accumulated “Points” in the specific Gratorama only, and see if she/he is included in the Winner’s Chart. The Winning players Chart will contain player’s first name, first letter of last name, players rank in the tournament and rank’s prize.

2.12. The winners will be announced on the Gratorama’s website .

3. Conditions for Receiving a Prize

3.1. Only one account is allowed per household. Multiple registrations will be viewed as abuse and will automatically void all winnings and result in all accounts being closed.

3.2. Prior to releasing any winnings, all player details in their Gratorama’s account must be fully verified and authenticated and the player must provide, within five (5) business days of the Tournament end, such valid identification or other information or documentation as the Company, in its sole discretion, believe is necessary. The required documents will include, inter alia, proof of your identity, including: valid identification card, credit card under your name, address, contact e-mail and valid telephone number. Failure to do so will void the winners’ eligibility to receive any prize.

3.3. Changes in player’s details after winnings will not be accepted and winning will be void.

3.4. Gratorama will take efforts in attempting to contact and validate the player’s personal details in case the player has won a prize; however, it is the winning player’s sole responsibility to contact the support team/account manager in order to claim the prize and supply all the required documents. If a player won a prize but did not contact support successfully within five (5) business days of the Tournaments' end, the player will not be eligible to receive the prize.

3.5. We believe that your good fortune is your business. We keep all our members' winnings and prizes strictly confidential and private. Notwithstanding, by accepting any prize and/or winnings, you agree and give your consent in advance to the company to publicize certain details regarding winnings for promotional purposes, including the prize, winner first name and first letter of his last name, winner country and city. In addition, Gratorama users who win a Prize may be requested to provide her/his consent to be photographed, and in such event, we may use and publicize his photograph for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation. You also acknowledge that you will fully cooperate in that regard with the company representatives.

3.6. Gratorama reserves the right to investigate, cancel, suspend or lock any player account if abuse is suspected.

3.7. The prizes are non-transferable, non-assignable, and are designated for personal and individual use only.

3.8. The player alone is responsible for reporting and paying to any relevant authority any taxes or other levy on any prizes and/or winnings that you collect from the Company.

4. Amendments and/or Termination of the Valentine's Tournament

4.1. Gratorama reserves the right to amend or terminate the Valentine's Tournament at its sole and exclusive discretion. In such an event, all prizes will automatically be rendered invalid.

4.2. Should Gratorama decide, at its sole and exclusive discretion that a Gratorama player has failed to comply with any of the Valentine's Tournament terms of use and/or Gratorama’s User Agreement and related Policies, Gratorama reserves the right to terminate a Gratorama player’s participation in the Valentine's Tournament.

5. General

This Valentine's Tournament Terms & Conditions have been drafted in English. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Policy and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.

For any questions or concern please do not hesitate to contact us.

Issued on 1st  day of February, 2020

Valid until further notice.